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Crazy Crafts - Stories & Crafts for Kids

Discover the fun of simple craft making and story telling. Build easy-to-make crafts from everyday items and basic craft supplies such as construction paper, pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls and pom poms. Using their new craft creatures, Maggie (the host) & Jackson (her raccoon puppet accomplice) invite your children to act out amusing stories that will delight the whole family. This series is perfect for ages 3 - 9, Crazy Crafts is a safe, imaginative way to encourage your children's ingenuity, creativity and language skills. A detailed craft list is provided for each story.

Watch the story. Make the craft. Then have fun acting out the story!

Current Awards:

  • Teacherís Choice , Award, 2005
  • National Parenting Publications , Honors Award, 2004
  • Parentís Choice, Approved Award, 2004
  • iParenting Media Awards, Hottest Products for 2004

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Fairy Tales

Show #1: Plop!

When a lazy dragonfly hears a loud Plop he's convinced the sky is falling. Forest creatures act out the traditional tale, with a slightly different ending. Crafts include the dragonfly, a chipmunk, a beaver and racoon.

Show #2: Princess Hannah and the Dragon

Hannah is a modern princess who would rather go exploring than sit around in the castle and wait for a prince to visit. When a prince does come to visit Hannah isn't home. She's meeting a dragon! Crafts include Princess Hannah, the prince, a fire breathing dragon, and a castle.

Show #3: Touch the Moon

Based on a traditional Japanese fairy tale, Jackson the Racoon plays the part of a spoiled prince who wants to touch the moon. All the royal investors can't help him, but a little girl has the solution. Crafts include royal inventor finger puppets, a ladder, a stairway and a rocket.

Jungle Animals

Show #1: THe Lion and the Rabbit

All the jungle animals are scared of a fierce lion, except a little rabbit. He has a clever plan to quiet the beast. Crafts include a lion, a rabbit, a monkey and a rhinoceros.

Show #2: The Spotted Zebra

Living on the Savannah of Africa is a spotted zebra. None of the other zebras like him, because he's different. So with the help of a sneezing monkey, the spotted zebra searches for a new home. Crafts include the spotted zebra, stripped zebras, the monkey, giraffe and leopard.

Show#3: The Great Inbetween

A large elephant and a tiny mouse are best friends, but because they are so different in size they think they should have a friend who is inbetween. Crafts include the elephant, mouse, hummingbird and deer.

Messes, Monsters & Music

Show #1: The Monster Under the Bed

Jamal is very happy to have his own room, until the Monster under the bed wants to boogie! Crafts include Jamal, his dad, the bed, and the monster.

Show #2: Squeaky the Whistle

Squeaky is a small whistle who wants to make music but can only squeak. None of the other instruments want to play with him, until he catches up with some happy rhythmic noise makers. Crafts include, whistle, guitar, trumpet, chickadee and drums.

Show #3: The Big Clean Up

In this sillt story, Nadia's family is so messy they can't find anything in their house, including the refirgerator and her baby brother. When her mom tries to clean up, Nadia becomes trapped in her briefcase. Crafts include paper doll people, the briefcase, sock and mitten puppets.

Under the Sea

Show #1: The Lonely Serpent

When a lake serpent realizes that he is alone, he goes in search of his family, with surprising results. Crafts include the serpent, a clam, an eel, a kissing fish, and a little girl.

Show #2: The Prince of Whales

No one can cure the Prince of Whales' stomach ache, except Milo the Minnow. He has to swin right into the Prince to find the solution. Crafts include the whale, the minnow, a shark and an octopus.

Show #3: Joey and the Submarine

Joey loves swimming and playing with the fish, so when they call for his help, he jumps into a submarine and come sto the rescue. Crafts include Joey, a submarine and a large fish.

Bugs, Lizards & Dinosaurs

Show #1: Jimbo the Frog

In order to show that he's different from all the other frogs, Jimbo enters every competition in the swamp, with some funny results. Crafts include a jumping frog, a toad, a dragonfly and a mosquito.

Show #2: Weaving a Web

When a young sipder has problems weaving her web she asks other creatures for advice. A surprising solution solves her problem. Crafts include a spider and silkworm hand puppets, a woven nest, an weaver bird and an owl.

Show #3: The Meanest, Nastiest Creature In The World

When Stegasaurus Doris and Iguanodon Donna see each other in the woods they are convinced they've seen The Meanest, Nastiest Creature in the World. Only Triceratops Pops ease their fears. Crafts include iguanodon, stegosaurus, triceratops and trees.

To the Rescue

Show #1: Happy Copter Rescue

Happy isn't like any of the other planes at the airport. He can't fly very fast, he can't carry lots of passengers and he can't fly around the world, but he can rescue a little boy trapped on a mountain. Crafts include a helicopter, propeller plane, large jet plane, a little boy and a paper airplane that really flies.

Show #2: Diggers

Robby, a young construction digger wants to do all the work that the big construction vehicles do, but he is too small. When the Great Big Differ gets himself into trouble, only Robby can help. Crafts include Robby the little digger, a large digger, a roller truck and a dump truck.

Show #3: The Sea Sick Canoe

When a little birch bark canoe can't go through the river rapids without feeling sick, he asks the bigger boats for a cure for sea sickness. He's given many cures, but must decide which is the best when he's called upon to rescue a young boy trapped in the rapids. Crafts include the canoe, a house boat, a paddle boat, a ferry boat, and the boy.

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