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An exciting new series examining the frontiers of rocket science and space discovery!

Rocket Science takes an inspired look at the past, present and future of space exploration. Through personal interviews, never-before-seen film footage, and classified tours of top-secret facilities, Rocket Science investigates some of the most exciting moments in the race to reach space. Some of science’s most significant breakthroughs are highlighted… everything from breaking the sound barrier, to the exploration of the moon and beyond.

Colorful commentary and personal anecdotes from the personalities who influenced and shaped space flight history add a captivating element of human drama to this unique series. Just a few of the exclusive interviews include: Walter Cronkite, Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield, James Lovell, Frank Borman, Gene Cernan, Wally Schirra and many others.

Rocket Science also visits a variety of locations where groundbreaking research and advancements in aerospace technology took place. These include the legendary Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the facility responsible for developing most of the robotic planetary space probes flown by the United States; Lovelace Clinic, the training and testing ground for NASA astronauts; the Lowell Observatory, where Mars was first mapped, and where astronomers continue to carry out forefront research in all areas of astronomy; and Edwards Air Force Base, the site where the sound barrier was first broken.

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