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The alphabet comes to life in song and animation in this Live in-Concert Special.

Special bonus features include: narrated photo galleries, U-ME technology that allows you to access colouring sheets, lyric pages, recipes and crafts; and allows you to play the dvd like a cd.
A is for Alphabet
B is for Bouncing Ball
C is for CHICKEN
D is for Dance
E is for Echo
F is for Fish
G is for Goat
H is for Ham
I is for Ice
J is for Jelly
K is for Kick
L is for Love
M is for Making Music
N is for Names
O is for Owl
P is for Play
Q is for Quiet
R is for Ride
S is for Spellling
T is for Tongue Twister
U is for Up
V is for Valley
W is for World
X is for Xylophone
Y is for Yodeler
Z is for Zither
1. Alphabet Medley
2. B My Name Is...
3. C-H-I-C-K-E-N

4. Tzena, Tzena
5. Little Sir Echo
6. Five Little Fishies

7. Grandpa's Farm
8. Ham & Eggs
9. When The Iceworms Nest Again

10. Jellyman Kelly
11. Kiddy Kum Kimo
12. A Love Poem

13. Mairzy Doats
14. The Name Game
15. O My Name Is...
16. Out To Play
17. Hush Little Baby
18. Riding In The Buggy/Tideo
19. Spelling Medley
20. The Terrific Toronto Tiger
21. Up In The Air, Junior Birdsmen
22. Down In The Valley

23. Ney World Coming
24. X-Y-Zinnamarink, Skinnamarink

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